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30th September until 22nd October 2017
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An example of a weekly menu


* Salads from the buffet
* Clear mushroom soup with chicken farce ravioli or zucchini soup with croutons
* I: Chicken strips à la Hochfilzer with potato spinach gnocchi and mixed vegetables or
* II: Pollock fillet in beer batter shell on leeks and carrots and pilaf rice
* III: Penne with chanterelle sauce and cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese
* Blackcurrant ice cream soufflé with cherry sauce


Great barbecue (weather permitting). Variety of salads, appetizers, soups, grilled meats, side dishes, homemade dip and barbecue sauces and a wonderful dessert waiting for you!


* Salads from the buffet
* Clear beef broth with meat strudel or Viennese mushroom cream soup with croutons
* I: Roast rump of veal in truffle sauce with savoy cabbage and potato roulade
* II: Steamed John Dory Fillet "Styrian style" with bouillon potatoes and root vegetables
* III: Tricolore tortellini in cheese cream sauce and arugula
* Mousse au Café


Large farmers buffet. Different appetizers, salads, soup, Tyrolean specialties with wonderful side dishes and a large dessert buffet is waiting for you!

FRIDAY - Gala Dinner

* Spreads and pastries
* Pumpkin mousse with Tyrolean ham
* Tomato soup with Ellmauer Käsepressknödeln
Raspberry sorbet with champagne infusion
* I: Rare roast pork loin in bacon shirt on morel with onion and bacon muffin and vegetable strudel
* II: Grilled shrimp skewers with rice timbale on Safranrahm and sugar snap peas and carrots
* III: Baked Camembert cheese on walnut-apple dressing, marinated corn salad and cranberries
* Cinnamon parfait with orange mousse and berry ragout


* Salads from the buffet
* Clear chicken broth with Schöberln or pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil
* I: Altwiener stew of beef with dumplings and broccoli or
* II: Grilled salmon fillet with spinach, sour cream potatoes and hollandaise sauce
* III: Stuffed Zucchini shuttle on tomatoes - Olivenconfit
* Wachau nut slice with blueberry sauce


* Salads from the buffet
* Clear chicken broth with Grießknöderln or parmesan soup with croutons
* I: Marinated in lemon juice and sour fried chicken with parsley potatoes and cranberries
* II: Duet of brook trout and catfish on Veltliner cream sauce and wok vegetables with lemon rice timbale
* III: Spicy vegetable stew with baked polenta balls
* Strawberry yogurt slices with marinated berry salad

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