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Alpine cattle drive in Söll

19 September | 2020

In autumn in the Wilder Kaiser region, one of the Tyrol's loveliest traditions is kept alive with the alpine cattle drive end of September. In the village of Söll in particular during this week locals and guests, man and animal really get going on the mountains and in the valley.

At harvest time Hochsöll's Hexenwasser provides steaming cakes, cosy snugs and lush alpine pastures where you get to sample it all; enjoy yourself, listen to and sing along with alpine herdsmen as they work. Here visitors get to sharpen the scythes themselves, then cut the grass with it. They can hammer out rake teeth or bind colourful headgear for the cows. After expending so many calories, specialities from farm cuisine instantly supply new energy. While in the Stöcklalm we bake farmhouse bread together and in the Holzknechtsölde we get to taste a traditional mountain squish. In the Simonalm young and old connoisseurs alike can learn how local pastries are made, or they can try a freshly baked sweet on the Hohe Salve. Proper ambiance comes with real folk music.

The Almabtrieb takes place on 19th September 2020. Cows are festively decorated early in the morning as a symbol of thanks for an accident-free summer on the mountain pastures.
Local farmers and producers of fresh produts like cheese, bacon and bread, lead the cattle past the alpine huts all the way down to the valley.

Quelle: TVB Wilder Kaiser