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Jubiläumssteig - Hintere Going Halt

Datas Facts
Starting point Wochenbrunner Alm - Gruttenhütte
Finish Goinger Halt 2292 m
Walking time Going up 3 to 3,5 hours, coming down 2 hours
Route Wochenbrunner Alm - Gruttenhütte - Jubiläumssteig - Ellmauer Tor. Once you are at the Ellmauer Tor you can choose different peaks to cap your day
Height difference 1107 m
Short description of the route The Hintere Goinger Halt is one of the easiest peaks to climb in the Wilder Kaiser. This, in combination with the Ellmauer Tor, makes it one of the most popular peak climbs. It’s especially for those who are visiting the Kaiser for the first time. This enables you to get a feel of the mountain. Once you have reached the Gaudeamushütte you need to have enough food and drink to last for 5 hours because there are no more huts.
Degree of difficulty medium to difficult, first part easy, after that lots of scree fields and rocks, you need to be experienced and sure footed
Highlights Reaching the top - Flora und Fauna: almost tame chamois and marmots and the legendary “Wolpertinger”