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Our certified nature and hiking guide Stephan!

A special experience for our guests

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I am Stephan, your certified hiking guide in the Hotel Hochfilzer in Ellmau am Wilden Kaiser, and if you feel like it, come with me and I will show you the most beautiful sides of the mountains!

Join my hikes, e-bike excursions and sunrise tours. I will take you to the most beautiful places and views around the Wilder Kaiser. As much as possible via 'insider ways' and far away from the tourist paths. Wonderful days without rush - in places where there is silence.
So let's go!

I am at your disposal at any time if you have any questions.

'Gfrei mi auf Ench !'
Your Stephan

A week with Stephans activity program can look like this

Bergsteigergrab 10.09.2019 (2)

Through the mysterious „Devils gorge”

This varied family hike to the fabled “Devils gorge” makes every adventurer's heart leap for joy! As hiking destination, the “Devils gorge“ is a real insider tip! The path leads leads us through the forest to the rock gorges. On the way we stop at a rustic mountain pasture

The difficulty is easy / moderated
Duration: 10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

E-bike tour 16.07.2019 (3)

Bad weather program: Excursion to Kufstein with a visit to Riedel Glas and the fortress

What to do when it rains - that's always the dillema. Come with me to Kufstein. Save yourself the hassle of finding out everything and join me today! We take the hotel bus to Kufstein and have a look inside: the over 800 year old fortress and Riedel Glas (Austrian producer of wine glasses, with factory hall and production). If you are interested, we can also hike through the (inner) city. A good use of the vacation. We stop on the way.

Duration: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

E-bike tour; 22.08 (14)

E-bike "Easy Tour"

A day out and about on bike paths with the most beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. It will be a wonderful day, on which we will ride on many “insider tips routes” (fantastic and safe), away from cars as much as possible and without rush! Driving uphill with full electric assistance is really relatively easy! Exploring the area in a completely different way than “hiking”. We don't ride trails or other technical routes, just easy. We stop on the way. Also suitable for children. The route is put together according to the weather, wishes and physical fitness. This is also taken into account in the tour.

Price: € 40 including e-bike and helmet
Duration: 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Distance: 40 - 60 km

Sunrise hike to the Hollenauer Kreuz

Getting up early is definitely worthwhile here: Experience a breathtaking sunrise at the Hollenauer Kreuz with a view of the Wilder Kaiser. In the dark of night, a 1-hour hike from the hotel takes you to the lookout point. An unforgettable experience!

Easy / medium tour
Duration: 6.15 a.m. - 8.30 a.m.

Bergdoktor highlight hike with a visit to 4 locations

If you are a mountain doctor fanatic then you should definitely go along with this hike. It takes us to four Bergdoktor filming locations, across the meadow and through the forest away from the tourist routes. On the way you will learn lots of funny stories and facts from the shooting of the Wilder Kaiser. It's even being shot this week. Also we stop at one of the filming locations. Suitable for families.

Easy tour
Duration: 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Bergsteigergrab 17.07.2019 (12)

Highlight Imperial hike through the Wilder Kaiser

This wonderful hike takes us through the Wilder Kaiser. Diverse with very beautiful forest trails, larch forest trails and open terrain, with a fantastic view as far as the Hohe Tauern. Most of the day we enjoy the mighty south walls of the Wilder Kaiser up close. On the way you will learn a lot about the area. We will be rewarded with silence and maybe wildlife encounter because we will meet few other people. On the way we stop at a rustic alpine hut.

Medium difficulty tour
Duration: 9 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.

• Subject to changes. In rainy weather, the route can be adjusted in consultation to get safely and actively into the mountains.
• The times of the activities are estimated.
• The Corona measures also apply during activities. Should a transfer be required, there is always the option of using the hotel bus or private car.
• Outside the active program it is possible to book a private tour on Sunday. Hike, e-bike or trail run tour (up to the marathon distance), according to your wishes. Climbing peaks or via ferrata excluded. Price € 100, -

We allow ourselves to charge small contributions to expenses for certain excursions ... (e.g. taxi, etc.). You can find precise hiking descriptions, information and starting times on the hiking board in the reception hall. Please do not forget to register for all activities at the reception the evening before. Subject to short-term changes!

Kombi Wanderspezi

The Hotel Hochfilzer, along with only 3 other companies, is one of the Wilder Kaiser hiking specialists (Wilder Kaiser Wanderspezialisten) and has been awarded the European hiking seal of approval.

✔ Multilingualism
✔ The host's hiking skills
✔ Implementation of at least two guided hikes per week with a certified hiking guide
✔ Ideal hiking equipment in the house (e.g. hiking information corner, ...)
✔ Starting point and proximity to the network of hiking trails