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Our certified mountain hiking guide Stephan!

A special experience for our guests

Guided activities


I am Stephan, your certified mountain hiking guide in the Hotel Hochfilzer in Ellmau am Wilden Kaiser, and if you feel like it, come with me and I will show you the most beautiful sides of the mountains!

Join my hikes, e-bike tours and sunrise hikes. I take you to the most beautiful places and views around the Wilder Kaiser and the Kitzbühler Alps. I know the most beautiful tours and every path, even those that cannot be found on an internet website, in the many brochures or on a hiking map. The hidden paths in nature, without many tourists, with respect for flora and fauna. Wonderful days without haste – in places where silence reigns.

If you have any questions for the activities or already want to register for an activity in front, please have contact via bergwanderfuhrer-stephan@hotmail.com. Then I´ll keep in contact with you!

'Gfrei mi auf Ench !'
Your Stephan

The active program in Week 27: 4th - 10th July 2022

Bergsteigergrab 10.09.2019 (2)

Monday, 4th July
Bergdoktor highlight hike with visit to 5 locations

Are you a fan of TV series “the Bergdoktor”? Then you should come to this hike. This hike takes us to four Bergdoktor filming locations, across the meadow and through the forest away from the tourist routes. We will look at the locations from the outside. On the way you will learn funny stories and facts from the shooting of the Wilder Kaiser. They even will film this week. On the way we stop for lunch and a drink. Suitable for families.

The difficulty is easy / moderated
Duration: 9.30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Bergsteigergrab (5)

Tuesday, 5th July
Highlight Kaiserhike: along the “Stiegenbach” and “Schleier” waterfalls and the Goinger raised moor

After a short taxi ride up the mountain, this beautiful hike takes us through the Wilder Kaiser. Along the two waterfalls and through very hidden forest paths and raised moor back to Ellmau. Varied with very beautiful hidden forest paths and open terrain, with fantastic views up to the Hohe Tauern. One of the most beautiful and quiet corners of the Wilder Kaiser. We will be rewarded with silence and perhaps wildlife encounters. The entire hike is a highlight! Surefootedness required!

The difficulty is moderated
Duration: 9.30 am - 3.00 pm

E-bike tour 16.07.2019 (3)

Wednesday, 6th July
Sunrise hike to the Hollenauer Kreuz

Getting up early is here definitely worthwhile: You experience a breathtaking sunrise at the “Hollenauer Kreuz” with a panoramic view of the Wilder Kaiser mountains. In the darkness of the night, we walk a good hour from the hotel up to the scenic lookout. An unforgettable experience!

The difficulty is easy / moderated
Duration: 4.15 a.m. - 7.00 a.m.

E-bike tour; 22.08 (14)

Wednesday, 6th July
E-bike “Insider Tour”

Enjoy a day on your bike on the most beautiful bike roads with magnificent views of the mountains. It will be a wonderful day where we´ll will drive, without any hurry, as much as possible over the ´hidden´ roads. With the electric assistance it´ll be very comfortable to drive up the mountain, also when it´ll be your first time on an E-bike. We won´t ride trails or other technical roads. Included in the price: rent of the e-bike and helmet. Also suitable for children. On the way we will make a stop. The route is put together depending on the weather, wished and physical fitness.

Price: € 55,- including e-bike and helmet
Duration: 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. -/- Distance: 25 - 38 miles

Bergsteigergrab 17.07.2019 (12)

Thursday, 7th July
Stephan´s favourite hike in the Wilder Kaiser with a waterfall and 2 caves

Also the hiking guide has got a favorite hike in the “moderate difficulty” area. Overwhelm and surprise yourself: Untouched light magical forest with many rock faces, a small swamp area, fantastic views to the Hohe Tauern and the rock walls of the Wilder Kaiser. This day two highlights are the beautiful waterfall and the two hidden caves. As strange as it sounds, hardly anyone knows about it. In case of fear of heights, please contact Stephan before the hike.

The difficulty is moderated
Duration: 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Lieblingswanderung (2)

Friday, 8th July
Imperial hike: To the Riedlhütte with a gorge, dream view and a raised moor

This beautiful hike leads us through the Wilder Kaiser. After a short taxi ride up the mountain, the hike begins immediately through the beautiful forest-covered gorge. Varied it continues with very beautiful and quiet forest paths and open terrain, with fantastic views to the Hohe Tauern. On the way you will learn a lot about the area, maybe we will even see mountain goats. On the way we´ll have a break at the Riedlhut. Afterwards it goes downhill through a hidden beautiful semi-mediterranean landscape and along the Ellmauer Hochmoors.

The difficulty is easy / moderated
Duration: 9.15 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.

Private guiding with Stephan


This is where your dreams come true! You´ll experience an individual guided tour by Stephan, a certified Tyrolean mountain hiking guide, according to your wishes. Choose between (mountain) hiking, (e)cycling or trailrunning up to 19 miles (a combination is also possible). The advantage is that you don´t have to take other group members into account, Stephan can focues on you (and your friends) all by himself. Contact via reception or directly with Stephan. Summit ascent (black routes) or via ferrata excluded.

Would you like to book in advance or do you have any questions, please contact me over
bergwanderfuhrer-stephan@hotmail.com Then I´ll get in touch with you.

Time and altitude: as desired | Costs: € 140,- / Any additional person + € 15,-

• Subject to short-term changes. In rainy weather, the route can be adjusted in consultation to get safely and actively into the mountains.
• The times of the activities are estimated.

We allow ourselves to charge small contributions to expenses for certain excursions ... (e.g. taxi, etc.). You can find precise hiking descriptions, information and starting times on the hiking board in the reception hall. Please do not forget to register for all activities at the reception the evening before.

Kombi Wanderspezi

The Hotel Hochfilzer, along with only 3 other companies, is one of the Wilder Kaiser hiking specialists (Wilder Kaiser Wanderspezialisten) and has been awarded the European hiking seal of approval.

✔ Multilingualism
✔ The host's hiking skills
✔ Implementation of at least two guided hikes per week with a certified hiking guide
✔ Ideal hiking equipment in the house (e.g. hiking information corner, ...)
✔ Starting point and proximity to the network of hiking trails