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Alpenpension Claudia***

A magical oasis on the outskirts of Ellmau is now named

Das kleine Gartenhotel

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Flora - why is our Alpenpension Claudia in Flora's garden suddenly called that?

Well, there are several reasons:

The complex redesign of the building with the very "green" background (insulation, heating, etc.), the completed training of Ingrid Flora Hochfilzer (senior manager of Hotel Hochfilzer) in the field of herbs and organic agriculture and the fact that the namesake Claudia (formerly Hochfilzer) no longer works in the companies (is now active in the medical field), prompted Christoph Hochfilzer to do a “Relaunch” (as they say in modern German).

However, the name Flora was not only chosen because it is the middle name of Ingrid Flora Hochfilzer, but because this house, its garden and the wonderful nature surrounding brings a piece of the wonderful alpine flora closer to the guests every day of their vacation. Be it at breakfast with homemade organic products, or on a "walk" through the house and garden, at the swimming pond, in the tree house - on every corner you encounter the "flora" in a very beneficial form. This is how the Alpenpension becomes the Gartenhotel Flora.