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Family & history

Jakob Hochfilzer bought this estate with its hotel and large farmhouse in 1832. Since then, the Hochfilzer family have continued being hosts and hostesses with nobody being able to imagine working in another career.

Since 1832 a family-run hotel

Mrs. Hochfilzer senior, is still committed to playing an active roll in the hotel, especially when encouraging the guests to play golf.

The next generation consists of myself, Ingrid, the daughter-in-law to Hochfilzer and my children: Christoph, Lukas and Kathrin, who are already showing a keen interest in the hotel and restaurant trade.


  • Since 1549 the house was granted a licence from the “Urbanamt” in Kufstein to sell wine to the general public. Jakob Hochfilzer bought this estate on 29.11.1832.
  • The sunny side of the farm was rebuilt after it burned down in 1969. The main house wasn’t damaged by the fire.
  • The dining hall was built in 1985.
  • The section with the luxury rooms and the scenic swimming landscaped area was built in 1992.
  • The first and second floors of the main house were completely refurbished and the rooms made larger in 1995.

From the family album ...

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