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Nordic Walking

So well, so fit: A new kind of health movement - the best way to gain more health & fitness

Perfect whole body workout

Wandern am Wilden Kaiser

Nordic Walking, conquer the "BergWelt" Wilder Kaiser - Brixental.

Following the motto "Have a healthy holiday" the new fitness trend shows a lot of positive movement - it doesn't matter if you are fit or less able, stressed or relaxed, carrying too many pounds or on the way to your ideal weight.

Nordic Walking - the soft training for everyone! Living means moving - and the more you move (at your own pace) the better you feel!

Living with nature - "absorbe" the healing power of our intact natural environment. The challenges of modern daily life have increased drastically - we need to find our balance again - moving in nature is the best way to do this. Nordic Walking strengthens your heart mussels and the tension of your leg, hip, back and belly - mussels. Nordic Walking is a sport that any age group is practicing.

By using the poles your arms and shoulders create a movement that strengthens your mussels in these parts of your body but it also relaxes your neck mussels. One training unit last for about 90 minutes and it consists of : warming up, easy movements , some walking and finally some stretching. Nordic walking is very pleasant because it is not so strenuous and it does not strain your joints, it increases your fitness level, it reduces your body weight and it gives you beautiful moments in nature

...and where better could we practice this sport than in the: Mountain world of the Wilder Kaiser