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Our neighbor, the mountain sports professionals' team from Schuh-Sport Günther, also offers a great activity programme


We can hardly wait for it: the summer with its warm, strong rays of sunshine, the bright colors and warm, starry mountain nights.

Our partner Schuh Sport Günther offers our dear Hochfilzer guests a special experience:


• Guided e-bike or hike & e-bike tours
• Trained hike & e-bike guides
• E-mountain bike rental
• Expert in mountain hiking and outdoor shoes
• Expert in mountaineering accessories
• Rental of mountain boots and mountain sports accessories
• Sale of functional clothing and shoes

Here you can find the weekly programme:

At the begining of the tour, a small technology workshop is held to get to know the e-bike better and to master it accordingly. Book one of the guided e-bike tours now. Further information at: www.ebike-ellmau.at

Registration: by 5:30 p.m. the previous day online or by phone at info@schuh-sport.at or +43 5358 2548 or +43 664 1640025

Can I also book an e-bike without a guided tour?

YES, you can rent an e-bike from our partner Schuh Sport Günther, even without Gudie.

Where can I see the e-bike rental prices?