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We can hardly wait for it: the summer with its warm, strong rays of sunshine, the bright colors and warm, starry mountain nights.

We are especially looking forward to the new active opportunities that we are able to present to you.
Not only our hotel hiking guide Stephan shows you the most beautiful places on the Wilder Kaiser,
our partner Schuh Sport Günther offers our dear Hochfilzer guests a special experience too:


• Guided e-bike or hike & e-bike tours
• Trained hike & e-bike guides
• E-mountain bike rental
• Expert in mountain hiking and outdoor shoes
• Expert in mountaineering accessories
• Rental of mountain boots and mountain sports accessories
• Sale of functional clothing and shoes

Here you can find the weekly e-bike program:

At the begining of the tour, a small technology workshop is held to get to know the e-bike better and to master it accordingly. Book one of the guided e-bike tours now. Further information at: www.ebike-ellmau.at

Registration: by 5:30 p.m. the previous day online or by phone at info@schuh-sport.at or +43 5358 2548 or +43 664 1640025

Can I also book an e-bike without a guided tour?

YES, you can rent an e-bike from our partner Schuh Sport Günther, even without Gudie.

Where can I see the e-bike rental prices?