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Mohammad und Ingrid Sept. 19 (4)

When Brigitte from Ellmau introduced Mohammad and his brother to me and the two spent a few "trial hours" with us, I knew immediately that this would be a longer, positive relationship with Mohammad. After 32 years in the hotel industry, a reliable "gut feeling" develops ... and I was right:
A wonderful young man, our Mohammad! Eager to learn, happy, reliable, good behavior, refreshing personality - how many great qualities can a new cooking apprentice bring with him? A wonderful young man, our Mohammad! Inquisitive, happy, reliable, good behavior, refreshing personality - how many great qualities can a new cook's apprentice bring with him?

.... and now fears are developing through various press releases that we could possibly lose our beloved, hard-working Mohammad, because it is easy to localize people with a fixed, registered location and job. I (we) find it fundamentally wrong! Those who integrate and are hardworking, eager to learn, have an exemplary credential, are well received and cared for by the teacher, should be deported ....... very strange approach!

I am hopeful that a very good solution will be found here!
Thank you !

Ingrid Hochfilzer, September 2019

Mohammad Jahfari / apprentice cook in the 2nd year of training at the Hotel Hochfilzer **** in Ellmau am Wilden Kaiser

Place of birth and date:
Afghanistan Kabul / January 1, 1997

When and why to Austria?
Because of the war / Iran was not safe either

What does the family do and how many members?
Father is in Iran. Sister, mother and brother live in Wörgl

Your career since you were in Austria?
Apprentice chef at the Hotel Hochfilzer

Why cook and why Hochfilzer?
Cooking is my dream job and the hotel is a very good place to work.
A great woman from Ellmau helped me get this good apprenticeship.

What do you do when you're done?
Cooking and developing further - learn in this profession

Your experiences with colleagues & locals?
Everyone is nice and cooperative

Do you think that teaching is the only chance?
Teaching is the most important thing, the center of life and it is a great opportunity
because I can be an apprentice in the Hotel Hochfilzer, a family business,
in which I feel safe

Is your religion a problem in Austria?
Religion is not a problem

The interview was conducted by Lukas Hochfilzer in August 2019