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Midsummer Fire

The night, the mountains are glowing

22 June | 2024

An ancient tradition that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The lighting of a mighty fire in the nights around the summer solstice or St. John's Day is probably one of the oldest rituals that are still alive.
Why people came up with the idea in pre-Christian times of letting the already brightest time of the year shine with flames is not known. But when you look into the embers, you can easily understand why the popular belief developed that the bonfire could ward off demons, diseases, bad harvests and hail. The ancient ritual is also said to "cheer on" growth and fertility in meadows and fields.

Every year, numerous clubs from the region set off to light their bonfires on this evening and celebrate the longest day of the year. Just after dark, large midsummer bonfires light up from the mountains, providing a mystical backdrop. The fires are also known as St. John's fires or fire burning.

Jump over the fire
By the way, couples in love should muster up all their courage at the midsummer bonfire and jump over the fire together – hand in hand. Supposedly this jump welds together and brings luck in the relationship.